OTR Tire Ring Remover

Product description

The DCN-03 system is a complete tool for uncoupling components from the tire of mining truck. The main objective of this equipment is to avoid the interaction between the men and the machine.

This system is based on four high pressure cylinders which take  care to get in touch with the tire components to achieve withdraw the rubber from the tire rim.


The use of this equipment allows, among other things:

– Release personnel from the risk area or line of fire.

– Avoid using hydraulic cylinders in cantilevers or poorly supported for use in the horizontal plane.

– Control of risks due to the handling of heavy components or complex handling due to their shape and weight as well as physical spaces.

– Time saving considering a task carried out under a protocol and without major utilization of resources, which evidently reduce labor and material costs for this operation.

– Greater care in the takeoff of the tires ensures, or at least reduces, the damage that occurs in the rim and the butyl of the tires during a vertical dismantling (Micro fissures in the interior of the tire that affect its useful life or damage in the ring and flange assembly of the rim that is transmitted to the ring itself)

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