Tire Handlers/ Tire Manipulators
TH2200 Model

It is an autonomous equipment that is designed to work in repair shops of interior mining machinery; With this equipment the change of tires is done safely and without over-effort by the operators.

Tire Handlers/ Tire Manipulators
THUG1900 Model

The THUG 1900 allows the handling of tires inside the underground mine thanks to its design, it can operate in confined spaces and small spaces, besides with different degrees of freedom in its movements, the tasks are more safe and efficient.

Tire Handlers/ Tire Manipulators
Tire Handler Over Truck

When you need to go to distant places, is convenient to mount the TH on a truck. FMA has developed a truck tire manipulator. With this it is possible to transport the tire with its rim from the workshop to the far-away place of work of the big mining trucks