Cable Repair Stations

Product description

The Cable Repair Stations is designed by FMA to deliver fast and continuous maintenance service for used cables. It consists of two spinning reels, with the station itself in between. The cable is pulled simultaneously in the direction chosen by the operator, passing inside the container from one reel to another, in order to check and repair the cable inside. The container has work tables and should be implemented with all the tools necessary for the operator to perform this activity.

The stands are deposited on the platform and are automatically engaged, without additional assembly or movement. Cable tension is controlled through a drum brake system. The reel is secured with a mechanical device in order to keep it out of the reservoir housing.

The complete unit is arranged on a frame or base, the station is skid type designed to be transported as a tug, with the aim that repair station be a mobile workshop.

The Stands can also operate independently and integrate workshops established within the maintenance area of mining operations, thus facilitating the work of repairing cables and keep them stored compactly. These stands can be dragged, as they have a Skid type design.

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