Deliveries of FMA equipment in mining Peru 2017
27 September, 2017

In June 2017, FMA has delivered to the Cerro Verde Mining Company (SMCV) a CRH-450 cable winder truck, which is the fourth delivery of this type of winder for the mining company, located in Arequipa, Peru, owned by Freeport Mac Moran, Sumitomo and Buenaventura. Every time has been progressing in technology of them, always attentive to the requirements of the client, and to the opinions of the users. In technology and safety, progress has been remarkable.

Also, at the beginning of this year 2017, a request was received from Minera Las Bambas, Peru, located relatively close to the city of Cusco, owned by MMG Australia. This time the winder should be a CRH C900, because of the different needs of that mine. With two independent turntables, both rotary drives.

Also Cerro Verde Mining Company acquired a tire manipulator more for its work, model FMA TH 30G that was delivered and launched in early 2017.